Thursday, 10 March 2011

True Finns ultimate reverse culture troll

Looks like the True Finns' clever polemic about what true Finnish culture is just took down one of their own. Sirkka-Liisa Lamminkoski, professional art therapist, who is in the party's ruling council and one of their candidates for the parliament, got a rude awakening after daring to say politicians are not supposed to decide what is considered art. Evidently a party bigwig, Raimo Malin notified her that she has "until 6PM to resign her gun and badge party membership" 

Finland, this is your future

This from a party that prided itself on being composed of rugged individualists and that shuns the "old parties" party lines and group discipline. Admittedly, Raimo Malin is just one of the ruling council members of the TF-party, and not representative of the whole. But the silence from Timo Soini considering this bullying and intimidation is deafening. Ordnung muss sein..