Friday, 20 May 2011

Teuvo Hakkarainen celebrates hockey victory - with picture!

Today it was revealed that Teuvo Hakkarainen, the fresh True Finn MP with the most honest first day in parliament in living memory, was spotted last Sunday celebrating the Finnish team winning world championship in hockey. According to the tabloid 7 Päivää he was photographed topless and crazy drunk outside of a local establishment called Wankkuri. Wankkuri is rumored to be the favorite haunt of Hakkarainen, who boasted 18 years of alcohol abstinence just before the election. When facing the tabloid press, he tried to explain it away by claiming it was in fact 'his brother' who was topless at Wankkuri, but broke down and confessed to everything when 7 Päivää revealed to him they had the photographs to prove it.

The "evil twin" in action

Finland as a whole went overboard with the partying, myself included, but this is still funny to me because Teuvo Hakkarainen is an MP. Edit for 23.5: added picture!