Sunday, 1 May 2011

Jussi Halla-aho's greatest hits

Since there aren't really any news today regarding the True Finns, you might be interested in some background about why Finnish people generally think putting blogger and popular racist Jussi Halla-aho in charge of the immigration committee is a terrible idea. Here are some select quotes from his blog. They are also available at his Finnish wikiquote page, which includes actual links to the blog post in question, where available. I have purposely left out the blog posts that finally got him into court over incitement, and tried to translate these ones from the original Finnish as closely as possible.
"Retroactively opposing the Holocaust is nicer and easier than getting involved in solving present-day problems. It is nice to accuse the Germans because cosi fan tutti. Armenians are irrelevant, because Armenians don't own Hollywood and the American media" (28.1.2004 entry at Halla-Aho's Scripta blog)

"All muslims are not terrorist, but in an European perspective this is irrelevant. What is relevant is that all terrorists are muslim." (21.9.2006 entry at Halla-Aho's Scripta blog)

"I am throughly confused as to why muslims have such a great desire to inflict pain on people in a weaker position, such as animals, children and women. I think this pattern is pretty clear. Why do Musselmen jump around ululating with their dicks hard whenever heads get chopped off or someone gets whipped?" (8.2.2007 Halla-Aho commenting in his Scripta blog's guestbook)

"An Afro who gets dragged into Helsinki from an African savannah pollutes no less with his conspicuous consumption than an ethnic Finn. He will probably pollute more because moving from the stone age directly into the modern world deprives him of ecological conscience typical of a western human being." (21.6.2007 entry at Halla-Aho's Scripta blog)

"Regarding my controversial entry on Society and man, it is a fact that niggers negroid, sub-saharan persons live in something resembling a western society only in places where order is kept by a white system of violent dominance (police, army and the justice system). It is likewise a fact that the so-called western structures start to crumble and sinking towards the typical african state of being starts immediately as blacks reach a majority/dominant position. Examples of this include post-independence Haiti and post-apartheid South Africa." (9.5.2007 entry at Halla-Aho's Scripta blog)

"[By immigration official Mikko Puumalainen] I am reminded of Oskar Dirlewanger, a latent psychopath, who by sheer luck and right connections rose from a minor official into the chieftain of his tribe of bandits and got to self-actualize to his hearts content in the German-occupied East. Photoshop any kind of a hat you want on him, you will see they all fit him equally well." (7.5.2007 entry at Halla-Aho's Scripta blog)

"Regarding the faggot at Tehtaanpuisto park I briefly considered getting my gun from upstairs and shooting him in the head. Would the gratification from it exceed the annoyance of serving time in jail? Violence is these days a very undervalued method of solving problems." (17.10.2003 entry at Halla-Aho's Scripta blog)

"Thus, when rapes will in any case increase in number, I wholeheartedly wish that these predators who pick their victims at random will target these politically Green-Leftist politicians rather than actual female humans. They will only learn a lesson when multiculturalism bites them in the ass. I will say honest and direct, if an immigrant rapes Rosa Meriläinen, it will only make me happy. I'm willing to say this anytime, anywhere. I think it is morally right, because people like Rosa Meriläinen are the reason for rapists coming into Finland." (20.12.2006 entry at Halla-Aho's Scripta blog)
So there you go, now you can make your own judgments regarding Halla-aho's suitability for a governing role. His preoccupation with violence, and the sort of stubborn ignorance that can only be brought on by a decade of immersing oneself into internet hate forums, make me think his skills in actual negotiation, listening or compromise are not very good.