Thursday, 14 April 2011

Soini's conversion confirmed - Halla-Aho ready to split party

Helsingin Sanomat published today the actual comments word for word made by the True Finns' supposed anti-immigrationist, anti-euro leader Timo Soini. And here they are. Make your own mind up about how "twisted and misinterpreted" these comments were by people saying he's accepting the current government line. And bring me some popcorn while you're at it!

Question: Finnish values are important for you, which are those?

Soini: Honesty, hard work, Finnish traditions and also friendship. Everbody is welcome here and we like people. I am, if I am not most international chairman of the whole lot, I am in top three, I am the only one who is working abroad. I have been now being a member of the European Union Parliament. I am also catholic by my religion so I know how the catholic world is thinking and by that I know very many foreign peoples so that is not a problem. But this political uprise here is not because of the immigration. It is because of the (...) fundings in the old and tired parties, which has been going on since 2007 and then of course this Euro, pensions, energy, very many other issues. Immigration is not even talked – not in that panel either – downstairs. And also in all TV-panels, nothing!

Q:  Do you think there are too many foreigners in Finland?

Soini: Of course not.

Q: But you have people in your party that have very hard views on immigration.

Soini: There are some. We have thousands and thousands of members and 240 candidates and maybe 10 people who are having this tougher line. That`s true, yes.

Q: What would you like to change in Finnish immigration policy?

Soini: It has been tightened a lot, because of the pressure from the opposition and also by national coalition party. Has been very good in fact that for example now the number of asylum seekers has collapsed, so the legislation correcting the current shortcomings on this issues have been functioning. I am rather pleased that the situation is now very good.

Q: But would you like to strengthen something if you be in the government?

Soini: I will say that we will follow the government line, that if you are OK with --- for example you are coming and seeking asylum here: if you are meeting the criteria, welcome!

And then blogger and popular racist Halla-Aho's reaction, which is a lol all unto itself:

"I've been betrayed from the start!"

I order you to close your eyes and ears, for we are at war and the enemy is trying to tear our forces apart. Verily, it is for the best to stop reading magazines and turn off your television in these final days. That is, unless you have already cast your vote in the early voting. The True Finn party line can be seen in our manifesto, and Soini's line is readily available online. My line is simple and clear to all my followers. This is what is at stake, in this election...

It has been speculated even before this revelation that Halla-Aho's racist fringe (containing some "colorful characters") is going to split away from the party after the election.  This all but confirms it. We will see if that personal oath of loyalty Soini had his troops pledge to him will come in any use. In other good news today the True Finns polled at their lowest this year, 15.4%. Looks like the downfall has finally come, and its just left to see whether it is Soini or Halla-Aho in the bunker.