Tuesday, 5 April 2011

True Finns' Poll Rating in a Nosedive

The True Finns' poll rating has took a surprising nosedive, down a whole percentage point in one week. This is thought to be due in part of the leader Timo Soini missing several key election debates for reasons unknown. Among one of the several debates that Soini needed to cancel was a debate with foreign minister Alexander Stubb(pbuh) who I previously blogged about completely destroying Soini on live television. Makes you think....

Looks like the election is taking its toll on the 48-year old, hideously overweight man of the people. It stands to reason, then that Soini is ill-equipped to handle the stress of being a candidate, let alone a prime minister. Usually people with Soini's physique take this time of their lives to curl up in a council flat somewhere and drink themselves to death. Something to consider!