Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Jussi Halla-Aho disturbed by own writings

It was reported in Die Presse around Easter, that the fresh True Finn MP Jussi Halla-Aho has refused to comment on several of his blog posts. The postings in question concerned his views on, among other things the equality of all people, the proclivities of Somalis for thievery, and also include an old favorite about "the paedophile prophet" for which mr Halla-Aho was convicted in court for incitement against a religious group.

You may have guessed it but Halla-Aho doesn't actually believe all people to be equal. In his blog post he says a person's objective worth in society can be measured by their contribution to the continuation of society. Halla-Aho, who of course is a worthy contributor to society being a researcher of Old Church Slavonic by profession and a well respected member of the Korkeasaari zoo board of directors, says in a proper society people who do not contribute, should not receive support and would presumably go die in a ditch somewhere away from mr Halla-Aho. This actually was an old nazi party programme, but the Nazis considered it too extreme and cancelled it. Coincidentally, of course.

Totally not a Nazi

Halla-Aho was incenced and called the publishing of the things he wrote on his blog "a mud-slinging campaign designed to discredit me." He furthermore challenged the reporters to find the exact sentence "people are unequal" in one of his blog posts. After denying the reports of him writing such horrible things, mr Halla-Aho went on to defend his writings (yes, really), saying they were "general philosophical musings on the objective value of man", and added that the conclusion of his blog post which now evidently does exist was that the cultural value of man is subjective instead of objective, and that "some cultures" place more value on human beings than others. Mr Halla-Aho also refused to comment on the ongoing negotiations on forming a new governmental cabinet and whether he would be available for a ministerial role. God forbid.