Friday, 8 April 2011

True Finns entire party in disarray as popularity in downfall

The True Finns poll ratings continue their downwards death spiral, and at the top of the party chaos reigns. The party secretary Ossi Sandvik has gone AWOL, and stood Timo Soini up at an important election debate last night. Soini claimed this was due to the True Finns wanting to brighten their anti-woman image by having the only True Finn woman in parliament, Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner appear in the debate instead of mr Sandvik. When asked where Sandvik was, Soini said "Somewhere in Ostrobothnia." The invitation clearly stated however that the debate was for party chairmen and secretaries only, so a very tired-looking Timo Soini was reduced to spout the same familiar slogans for half an hour on live TV, looking very lonely.

Meanwhile "Somewhere in Ostrobothnia"
Timo Soini is reportedly so spooked about the prospect of mr Sandvik or other forces within the True Finn party splitting away from the party that he has made all the True Finn candidates swear a personal oath of loyalty to him. Perhaps the next step is locking himself up into an underground bunker with his truest believers? We can only hope.

The poll ratings keep on falling, despite True Finn candidates continuing to send quasi-illegal campaign material into people's houses. The Early voting activity remained roughly the same compared to previous elections for the second day, still showing no signs of the massive tsunami of new True Finn voters.