Friday, 29 April 2011

Yet another True Finn MP spews racist garbage

It was reported today in Kotimaa24 of all places, that yet another True Finn MP has been caught spilling racist garbage. Mika Niikko, a newly elected True Finn candidate from Vantaa was reported to have removed some pretty nasty stuff from his Uusisuomi-blog. Thankfully it was relatively easy to find, here's the original on pastebin for your viewing "pleasure", and here's my attempt at a translation. I've tried my best to be true to the 'ebonics' of Mr Niikko.

Immigration policy is such a hard sport that no matter what you say, ten people are against you and another ten on your side. Something needs to be done though, inaction is the worst option, because it doesn't actually reduce anti-immigrant sentiment. In Finland we need to take heed from countries where immigration has been practiced longer and in a greater extent than us. If there are good experiences lets talk about them and if bad, let's ignore them. No wait the other way around, i dunno. Here's Ibrahim who has more experience:

Dear Brutha!
Now I's decide to write youse, so y'all can tell me illiterate family about me's. I's been in finland for many years now. I's good. I's got my own family. Finnish girl. She get baby and me get moneys from finland state. Need camel-boots shoe. But wife a witch, take a magic pill and, no get baby, me no get shoe. I's fixin' a find another wife, who no witch.

then I's get me a job here, watching finland man work. Then I get tired. But I's go to a good immigrant doctor. He say I's have a culture shock for watch work 2 much. Now I's working at the folks pension business. Good business. No much work, jsut get money. Sometime me work in another company, social security fund, but there be a lotta queue there. me want own office, better service.

Finland men stupid. They's always be working. No get crazy even though me go say hi to him wife. he say democracy. he only get mad if keep chicken in flat. only young man spikey hair get mad, he no like me touching him girl. make a lot of noise. then the police come take him angry man away. If we refugee rape a finn girl just a little, only get fined, and business pays. finn racist get many times fine when no let refugee in a resteaurant. Finland a safe counfry, very good.

I's got a nice flat. only us foreigners be with a nice flat.Finland good people but little stupid. don't let keep goat or chicken in flat. Finland man no make as much money as we's make. he just work lots. all day he make little bit money that go to the state, who give money to mine business. It be well good. if you no like wallpaper or kitchen cabinet, just make a mess, kick door off
Turku is a good city. Get reward for refugee treatment.

I's thinking yous all family to come to Finland. just ask plane ticket from finnish red cross. they gather money door to door for your plane tickets. Finland be cold, but my business be buying you new clothes. Finn don't buy warm clothes, only white be don johnson who afford warm cloth, but he foreing too.

They's build new houses by the river. it very expensive. we get it for whole family. finn family no afford to stay, we get it, I's going to speak to my business. I hope y'all can come. Y'all probably over 120 now. If youse got AIDS or Heptaitis, come here. My business the Finnish folk pension fund  be paying you to treat you. Welcome to turku finland.
regards, Ibrahim.

This humoristic depiction of immigration is of course not 100% accurate, but certainly representative of Finnish people's feelings regarding entitlements to immigrants, which often exceed those of a native Finn. Well, what should be done will be figured out in the next Governing coalition, if it is to be figured out.

Yeah, not racist at all. Certainly falls into the category of "good natured fun." Mr Niikko blogged today in defense of his previous posting, saying if you remove the part where he quotes Ibrahim it's not that bad. I disagree with him, I think people are deserving of seeing this masterpiece in all its glory, uncensored. It's going to be a fun four years with these clowns in power.