Thursday, 17 March 2011

True Finns now the second largest party in Finland, TNS Gallup

According to the pollster JNS Gallup for Helsingin Sanomat last thursday, the True Finns are the second most popular party at 18,4% after National Coalition. This is due to the Finnish people wanting change to the horrible conditions that the Finns are currently suffering.

Matti "Rape Rape" Putkonen was quick to comment that this is no mere poll blip, in spite of 4 most popular parties' support fitting inside the margin of error, but instead a bona fide tsunami of support, wreaking havoc to the Finnish political scene well into the future. "Our candidates are extremely committed to foot work and are campaigning as their true selves."

Seriously Finland if you do this, I'm going to stay in the UK for the next four years.