Saturday, 26 March 2011

Soini gets humiliated again, this time by a 15 year old girl

I have good news to report for a change! A question from a 9th grade girl from Kirkkonummi got True Finn leader Timo Soini embarrassed, reported Iltalehti today. She succeeded doing what many a leader from the much maligned old parties has tried and almost as many have failed.

Oona Riipinen asked "why should a girl who has been raped not be allowed to get an abortion?"

"I refuse to answer that. No other politicians get asked questions like these", was Soini's reply. (Here's a hint: it's because no other politician shares your crazy anti-woman opinions.)

Timo Soini, an artist's conception

Riipinen remained unsatisfied with Soini's reply. She, like Soini is a Roman Catholic, and is insulted that her religion is being used as a political tool. Riipinen, who is due to start secondary education next autumn, does not support abortion per se but would allow it in cases of rape or if the parents are unable to physically or mentally take care of the child. If she were able to vote, she would most likely vote for the Green Coalition.

Political activity for young people has declined very sharply in Finland. According to the youth barometer by the Ministry of Education, over a fifth of young people are "not at all interested" in politics. Riipinen is therefore a special case in that she follows the news and keeps informed. She considers the True Finns' goals unrealistic and finds the rise of the anti-immigration party "scary". Of Timo Soini in particular she says he has not understood the difference between religion and politics.