Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Timo Soini: there will be 'nasty' revelations

Soini interviewed in the middle of an alcoholic burn-out

Timo Soini: "People have been digging up dirt about us not like any other party. You can see it for instance with the way people have been discussing the True Finns' election platform."

Soini expects a dirty election fight in the coming weeks. Soini expects all kinds of negative material to emerge concerning TF-candidates. He readily admits election finances have been affecting other parties, but considers the timing to be especially harmful to his party. Soini is disinclined to comment on the revelations concerning local disputes or individual candidates.

Soini's personal health and probable alcoholism has been discussed intensely, following his absence from several election debates. He says he has been in the European parliament at the time of the debates and angrily points out that people would likely raise a noise about him missing those sessions, too. He says no other party leaders' health has been discussed (false) and that he is put into a negative context, notably avoiding to confront his problem directly.