Monday, 28 March 2011

A third of True Finn voters are, well, not actually voters

It was revealed today by the newspaper Keskisuomalainen that only two thirds of those identifying asTrue Finn voters bothered to vote in the parliamentary elections of 2006. Additionally, only 14% of the current generation of True Finn voters are those who actually voted TF in 2006.

It is a well known fact in Finnish politics that the working-class voter is a finicky creature, whose turnout is dependent on among other things the weather and if they recently got paid. Those who get paid the same week as the election, tend to vote more conservatively than those who didn't. Add to this the fact the TF candidates are by and large local council members with as little as two years of experience from governance, and next to no name recognition and the True Finn's 18% poll rating may well dip under the 10% mark.