Friday, 11 March 2011

Timo Soini on Financial Times

"Even among Brussels’ tightly-knit cadre of European Union operatives, Timo Soini is not particularly well known. Heavy-set with bushy eyebrows and a bulbous nose, he seems more likely to walk out of the grounds of Millwall – the London football team whose scarf he religiously wears in Belgium’s grey winter – than the glass and steel of the European parliament, where he is a member from Finland."

"WHAT A LEGEND!" I'm sorry to say but the Financial Times should do their research a bit better, and maybe point out what an odious man Timo Soini actually is, and the kind of company he keeps. His primary activity in Brussels has been meeting with the worst of the European anti-semite, lunatic racist fringe for inspiration. He has converted a former agrarian populist party into a slick European far-right machine, with all the nasty things that comes with being a member of the slick European far-right. He's not just a carnivalistic comical figure the Financial Times makes him out to be, but has instead become a very tangible threat to the Finnish political establishment, which really needs stability and experience first and foremost, rather than the populism offered by Soini and his ilk.