Wednesday, 30 March 2011

True Finn supporters attempt to lynch an Indian immigrant

Iltalehti reports. Social Democratic party candidate Ranbir Sodhi's campaigning in Myyrmäki, Vantaa had an unexpected and unnerving disruption last Saturday, when a group of True Finn supporters engaged in racist heckling.
Ranbir Sodhi says Finland needs new immigrants, due to increasingly elderly population
"It all started when they asked me my opinion of the European Union. I said the EU is a good thing, and that you should not abandon a friend in need," Sodhi says.

The men, displaying True Finn campaign colours said mr Sodhi needs to go back to his country to politicise.

"This is my country. I love Finland," Sodhi said.

Things came to a head when Sodhi, who runs the Stadin Tähti restaurant in Helsinki offered one of the men a job, after the man said he was unemployed and opposed to the Greece bailout.

"I said I need a cleaner in my restaurant. He said not to underestimate him. 'On the contrary', I said. I've lived in Finland for 23 years and started out as a dishwasher, even though I have a masters in Business Administration" Sodhi says. "At that point he started screaming and asked me to step outside to see who is who. I said sure, bring it on, but he left the scene."