Thursday, 24 February 2011

True Finns' climate program a literal carbon copy

Timo Soini announced the True Finns' climate program early February. He obviously had high hopes for his mostly unenforceable and populist agenda, going as far as to publicly say "This is what I've been working on, all my years in Brussels." Too bad then, that the overwhelming majority of his climate change program is a fairly straightforward plagiarism of the Metalliliitto (metal workers' union) one, right down to the spelling errors.Yes, a person considered a plausible candidate for Finnish Prime Ministership was dumb enough to think he would get away with copying a major political program from the largest trade union in Finland without anyone noticing.

This is yet another attempt by the to obfuscate the fact he is by every account a worthless MEP. He has done nothing of merit in his years as MEP, instead cozying up to the more odious members of the right wing anti-semite lunatic fringe. The very same members who Nikki Sinclaire got kicked out of UKIP for not collaborating with. Birds of a feather flock together.