Sunday, 27 February 2011

True Finn youth have their own election manifesto lol

Looks like the True Finn youth maintains the proud Finnish tradition of political youth movements being absolutely bizarrely insane. They came out with a 12-page election manifesto and oh my word it makes the True Finn election manifesto look positively eloquent in comparison.

Where the TF-proper electoral manifesto is neatly divided into sections concerning their economic policy, educational etc. the TF-youth manifesto is just 12 pages of far-right stream of consciousness writing. It has interesting and slightly worrying headlines placed seemingly at random, such as "The Global World Order is destroying the important creative potential", "The most important thing is the potential to be a good person" and my favorite "The work of the Global Capitalist Elite is societal parasitism"

You might be interested to know that the TF-Youth has in its leadership an outspoken fascist named Teemu Lahtinen, who has previously been the leader of a "third positionist" movement called Suomen Sisu. Third positionism being the more moderate front of the movement, with the membership mostly being literal Hitler worshipping nazis and holocaust deniers. People previously or currently associated with SS is a veritable who's who of the Finnish far right scene, ranging from the scatological Seppo Lehto to Turku council member who spoke out in support of skinheads beating up immigrants with baseball bats, all the way to the future MP Jussi Halla-Aho, who is a can of worms in his own right.