Saturday, 26 February 2011

True Finns announce election platform

The True Finns announced their election platform yesterday. It is quite something else, take a look.

  1. Finnishness is Finland's gift to the world.
  2. Culture funding must be directed in a way that strenghtens the Finnish identity. Faux-artsy postmodernists can procure their funding from the open market.
  3. YLE's (national broadcast company) Swedish-language programming must be reduced.
  4. War orphans must be registered.
  5. The child benefits to those on higher income (in excess of €5000) can be reduced.
  6. True Finns are for traditional family values (against gay marriage/civil union)
  7. The portion of immigrant students in schools should be capped, in order to prevent separation of schools.
  8. More physical education to schools. Behaviour must be graded for younger children than now, and there should be a behaviour grade in the final diploma.
  9. Learning Swedish should be optional.
  10. Village schools must be kept.
  11. Finland to become a critical collaborator with EU instead of a model student.
  12. Finland must prepare for the downfall of the EMU and EU in their current forms.
  13. Finland must succesfully defend against NATO-membership and keep its universal conscription system.
  14. Un-work-related immigration must be cut down by reducing the economic appeal of Finland and making it more difficult to bring immigrant families together.
  15. Citizenship is a reward - residence is not enough, but language must be learned and one must be able to support oneself.
  16. Ghettoization must be prevented with sensible housing policy.
  17. No to flat tax
  18. Green taxes must be succesfully defended against. No to higher energy taxes and congestion charge.
  19. VAT must not be raised.
  20. Stock dividends must be taxed at a higher rate.
  21. Bring back the wealth tax.
  22. Finnish work and entrepreneurship to be brought to the fore - economic growth must not be eaten into with domestic policies: adopt the True Finn climate policy.
  23. Tougher sentencing for crimes. A foot collar is not the same as doing prison time.
  24. Criminal immigrants must be expelled and begging must be criminalized.
  25. One may not be punished for defending oneself.