Monday, 28 February 2011

North Kymeenlaakso True Finns led by a literal nazi

If you're well aqcuainted with the minutiae of Finnish far right you will probably know that Väinö Kuisma starred in an hour long documentary called "Sieg Heil Suomi". Later he went on to found a party called "Suomi-Isänmaa" which you can probably form an educated guess as to the placement on the political spectrum of. Yes, a literal Nazi party right down to cute little red-white armbands and all.

A picture of Väinö Kuisma

2004 Väinö Kuisma's party participated in the elections for European parliament and ran a candidate called Petri Luumi. This is a matter of public record, feel free to check this yourself at, should take you all of three minutes if you're curious. Luumi was recently chosen as the leader of the North Kymeenlaakso True Finns.