Thursday, 16 June 2011

Freddy "Holocaust never happened" Wonterghem is at it again!

I blogged before about a certain Belgian immigrant True Finn candidate's views on the Holocaust. Well, turns out Freddy van Wonterghem has expressed his views once more, this time on Muslim women. No, it's actually not about them being subjugated or the violence they supposedly face in Islamic societies. It's rather more upfront than that. Here's what Freddy said on his blog:

Let Saudis stone whomever they want in their own country. When a Muslim woman dies there is the positive effect of having less women giving birth to Muslims. If we kill enough Muslim women, Islam will be extinct. These are the facts.

So yeah, I bet Soini will issue another statement where he "personally disagrees" with this call for an outright genocide against Muslims, yet this person will be allowed to continue representing Soini's party with impunity. Do you know why? It's because the majority of True Finn supporters actually agree with these views.